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Dead Kids Can't Read Tote Bag

Dead Kids Can't Read Tote Bag

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Dead Kids Can't Read - Children should feel safe in school. Let kids learn history and literature, not where to hide. 

Bag Features:

  • 15"W x 16"H
  • Made of 100% 5oz natural cotton
  • Lock stitching inside, with compacted stitching throughout, including cross-stitching at the handles for maximum strength allowing the bag to hold up extra bearing capacity, which are much stronger than our competitors.
  • Two reinforced handles sized 1"W x 25"L, convenient to carry in hand or wear on your shoulder, sturdy enough for all kinds of daily use.

Our supplier says to wash the tote bags by hand with cold water and hang dry, to avoid shrinkage and wear. We wash and dry ours with normal laundry. They come out really wrinkly but they're still bag-shaped and useful. We recommend ironing after washing (avoiding the design), mostly to flatten out the handles.

Because we do everything ourselves, by hand, there might be slight "imperfections". Sometimes a screen gets knocked and doesn't line up perfectly, a color might be a little lighter on one shirt versus another, etc. We do our best, and take quality control seriously, but we ask you to have the understanding that these are not print-on-demand or mass produced, we're not doing direct-to-garment/ sublimation printing, we're pulling ink through a screen old school style. 

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